Frédéric Vincent
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from march 18th to april 9th, 2011.
artists : Antoine Moreau, Joseph Paris, Pascal Leroux, Remy Marlot, Seth Siegelaub, Richard Negre, Lionel Péneau, Nikki Schuster, Youssef Tabti.

In an era of globalization and of legal or illegal downloading from the internet, artists are posing new questions concerning the intellectual property of their own work. Following an online call for submis- sions, the artist videos that were chosen were presented without artifice or staging and were concerned, not with aesthetic or technical issues, but with the intellectual issues that are so central today. This exhibition, aligned with the spirit of Wikipedia and Open Source internet, interrogates intellectual property, exploring the circulation of video-based artwork and inviting the public to participate in new modes of appropriation. Two contradictory visions confront one another in this exhibition. The first emerges through Seth Siegelaub’s The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement, also known as The Contract. This text was created by New York lawyer Bob Projansky after lengthy discussions and correspondence with Seth Siegelaub. Written in German, English, and French, the contract is exhibited for the first time since Documenta 5 in Kassel in 1972. The contract is considered restrictive and contradictory to the notion of exchange. The second vision is that of Copyleft and the Free Art License, exemplified by a selection of texts by Antoine Moreau.