Frédéric Vincent
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from october 9th to november 13th, 2010.
artists : Antonin Amy-Menichetti/Pierre Ardouvin/ Tiffany Bouet/ Louise Bourgeois/ Henri Chopin / John Cornu / Christophe Cuzin / Cécile Desvignes / Sophie Dubosc / Anthony Freestone/ Hervé Ic / Stéphane Lecomte/ Laurent Mazuy/ Steven Parrino/ Raymond Pettibon/ Sebastien Pons/ Yves Robuschi/ Eleonore Saintagnan / George Tony Stoll / Cannelle Tanc/ Agnès Thurnauer / Goran Vejvoda / Frédéric Vincent / Andy Warhol.

Golden Factory alludes to the Silver Factory of Andy Warhol, situated at 231 East 47th Street. In order to make the space resemble a factory as little as possible, Warhol asked Billy Linich to redesign the space. Linich obliged by covering the walls and ceiling entirely with silver aluminum foil.
For this exhibition, the walls and ceiling of Immanence are covered in gold aluminum foil. We have often searched out ways to radically transform the appearance of the exhibition space, to avoid the eternal White Cube, and to destabilize the viewer. Moreover, with a space entirely covered with gold, the works themselves react differently. This brilliant and reflective surface absorbs or reflects the light comming from the fluorescent lights of the gallery, which themselves are coffered in gold aluminium. The artists who agreed to exhibit in these conditions are surprised by the relationship created between their own works, the other works, and the space. It is an exhibition conceived of as a pretext for a surge of creativity. The reactions of the public are surprising : many like the altered appearance of the space, some feel protected by these gold-lined survival blankets, and one even declares that all future exhibitions should be done in such an environment.