Frédéric Vincent
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Cover Record

from october 4th to november 1st, 2008.
artists : E. Andersen, L. Anderson, D. Balula, Bansky, M. Barney, P. Belouin, S. Bérard & N. Quintane, P. Blake, G. Brecht, C. Breitz, W. S. Burroughs, D. Byrne, J. Cage, J. Cardiff, M. Chion, H. Chopin, S. Comte, P. Corner, R. Crumb, S. Dali, H. Darboven, Dj Spooky, H. Douglas, J. Dubuffet, M. Duchamp, J. Dupuy, B. Eno, R. Filliou, G. Förg, H. Flynt, R. Frank, K. Geers, P-A. Gette, A. Ginsberg, J. Giorno, R. Graham, B. Gysin, R. Hains, R. Hamilton, A. Hansen, B. Heidsieck, D. Higgins, Hipgnosis, A. Hodell, J. Hubaut, D. Iannone, F. Janicot, R. Johnson, M. Kagel, A. Kaprow, M. Kelley, M. Kippenberger, A. Knowles, A. Köpcke, R. Kostelanetz, J. Kosuth, B. LaBelle, Malaval, A. Liebowitz, M. Lemaître, J. Lennon, R. Lericolais, L. Levine, G. Maciunas, F. Lombardi, J. Mac Low, W.Marchetti, R. Matta, J. Messe, J-C. Moineau, Nam June Paik & C. Moorman, R.Mapplethorpe, Christian Marclay, C. Nicolaï, A. Oehlen, C. Palestine, R. Pettibon, D. Petitgand, R. Prince, M. Ocampo, Y.Ono, J. Opie, D. Roth, L. Russolo, Sarkis, J. Schaefer, P. Schaeffer, A. Serrano, D. Shrigley, Silex, Carlo A. Sitta, J.Schnabel, K.Schwitters, J. Tinguely, Ben Vautier, X. Veilhan, G. Vejvoda, J-L.Verna, W. Vostell, K. Voormann, J. Wall, A.Warhol, L. Weiner, E.Williams, la Monte Young & M. Zazeela.

Concerts by Ramuntcho Matta, Jérôme Poret, and Goran Vejvoda
during the Nuit Blanche (White Night).

This exhibition presents a collection of vinyl records and CDs whose covers were designed by artists and graphic designers. Assembled are a highly diverse selection of works that share a relationship to music, sound, and sound art. Numerous artists demonstrate an interest in music, some for sound as a sonic object, and others for sound as a means of distribution. Sound is, for many artists, the equivalent of painting or video : a medium in its own right. This exhibition ranges from the original texts of the Futurists (the art of sounds and the manifesto of Futurist musicians) to present-day artistic creation and features examples from Dada, Fluxus, Pop Art, Sound Poetry, Spatialism, Conceptual Art, Happenings, concrete music, repetitive music, experimental music, Pop, Rock, and Punk. 150 documents (manifestos, posters, tracts, photographs, books) are presented alongside 350 33rpm disks, 50 45rpm disks, and 190 CDs.