Frédéric Vincent
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from april 6th to april 28th, 2007
Artists : Arne Bunk, Volko Kamensky, Youssef Tabti, Jeanne Faust & Jörn Zehe Curator : Youssef Tabti

This exhibition takes the form of an exchange between two artist-run structures, Immanence in Paris and the Künstlerhaus-FRISE in Hamburg.
The new generation of artists hosted at Immanence present inedited photographic and video work that question and explore new image-making tools. Arne Bunk’s film is made exclusively out of photographs. An actress plays the role of a worker trying to cry, with only the expression of her face changing, like a performance amid noise. Jeanne Faust and Jörn ZeheÐs film, shot during a residency at the Cité des Arts, features a Romanian theater company rehearsing in the suburbs of Paris before going to perform their show for tourists in Paris. Volko Kamensky created both a film and a photographic project surrounding their film. The video of Youssef Tabti shows a muezzin, a scrolling text with information, and a presenter transcribing the text in sign language. Based on the principle of news channels, Tabti questions the way in which images condition the viewer and prejudices emerge.