Frédéric Vincent
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Men Crying

from january 13th to march 26th, 2005

During its renovation, The Musée d’Art Moderne dela ville de Paris is organizing an program called« les instrus » (« the intuders »), in which works in the museum’s collection can be shown outside the museum’s walls. We are invited by the museum to choose one collection in their collection to present at Immanence. We were, at first, on the fence between three artists : Steve Mac Queen, John Armleder, and Gülsün Karamustafa. The work by Steve Mac Queen had just been shown at the museum ; the work by Armeder had just been purchased and was supposed to be exhibited when the museum reopened. We therefore chose the video piece by Gülsün Karamustafa, a Turkish artist little known in France but considered as important as Annette Messager internationally.
Men Crying is a video involving three simultaneous projections. Playing on the image of the popular movies of the 1960s, shot by the famous studios of the school of Yesilçam, which all disappeared with the advent of television, and on the invasion of American film, the artist asked Atif Yilmax, a well- known Turkish filmmaker of this period, to make three short videos of 1 to 3 minutes each featuring three famous actors.
In each video, these three men suffer the abandonment of their wives, who embody the liberation of women. Shot in spacious apartments in black and white, the videos create a melodramatic atmosphere heightened by the music composed by Selim Atakan. At the end of each of these films, the three men weep, mourning the separation.
A celebration of the acting profession, this work affirms Karamustafa’s passion for film. It harks back to a phenomenon of Turkish society in the 1960s and 70s, when men were traditionally taught to hide their emotions while in the movies, it was commonplace, even banal, to see men crying.