Frédéric Vincent
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Berliner Liste

from september 28th to october 2th, 2005
artists : Marie-Hélène Fabra, Ulrike Flaig, Laurent Mazuy, Sébastien Pons, Eric Sadin, Jeanne Susplugas, Cannelle Tanc, Tobias Trutwin, Frédéric Vincent

Immanence is invited to the Berliner Liste fair, held in parallel with the Art Forum fair. Berliner Liste offers Immanence the opportunity to experience a fair that is open to non-profit and artist-run spaces. Immanence exhibits a selection of French and German artists working across different media : painting (Marie-Hélène Fabra, Laurent Mazuy, Frédéric Vincent), drawing (Jeanne Susplugas, Cannelle Tanc, Sébastien Pons, Frédéric Vincent), photography (Tobias Trutwin, Ulrike Flaig), and video (Eric Sadin). Berlin is a city that increasingly attracts artists and, without assuming a romantic attitude, we sought to offer the German public a look at Franco-German art