Frédéric Vincent
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from april 1st to april 10th, 2004.
Artist : Eric Sadin

A video installation. A double video projection. The viewer is immediately plunged into a universe of signs, created in Japan during a residency at the Villa Kujoyama. Here, Eric Sadin pursues his reflection on the sign, on signs. Giant screens, electronic billboards, illuminated signs, media buildings, karaoke, interactive kiosks, signage, voice synthesis, cell phones, printed text—everything is a pretext for the language of information, for the rhythm of confusion. The images follow one after another at a frenetic pace ; the whole city becomes a sign. The exhibition also presents the first edition of the new collection of essays published by éc/artS, “Poésie_atomique, écriture & complexités contemporaines” (“Atomic poetry, writing & contemporary complexities”).