Frédéric Vincent
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from october 2th to october 23th, 2004.
Artists : Laurent Mazuy, Sébastien Pons

This exhibition presents a selection of works by two young artists, each with their own approach and inhabiting their own universe.Sebastian Pons explores the face as an artifact of the living.
His work deals with skin caught between external appearance and underlying bone structure. His process engenders the feeling of degradation and wear that comes with the passage of time. The works are photographs of a sepulcher found during an archaeological dig. On nearby tables, Pons displays cross-sections of heads revealing the skull. A colorful palette of black, white, and yellow is created through a subtle choice of materials—foam, latex, and plaster.
Laurent Mazuy is a painter whose work is made up of shape blocks and color blocks. Interrogating the nature of painting, Mazuy’s works reveal a structure based upon changes of scale, combinations of shapes, frontality, and the weight of the material itself. The paintings involve combinations and layers of shapes, as well as layers of colored paper and tracing paper frozen in thick patches of paint.