Frédéric Vincent
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Démo 13

Exhibition from february 2th to february 23th, 2002
with : Sonia Marques and Etienne Cliquet, Makoto Yoshihara, Robin Fercoq

Téléférique was an artist collective created in 1999 that allowed users to download artwork and informa-tion about artists online. The collaboration ended in 2005. This exhibition, or rather this demonstration, is an opportunity for téléférique to present their programs in a spirit of conviviality and of engagement with the public. Téléférique’s demonstration at Immanence follows an earlier demonstration that combined sound and spoken commentary and a project in Marseilles in which Téléférique intervened in private homes by circulating an electronic business card. This is the thirteenth demonstration that Téléférique has organized since 1999. Encounters with the collective will be organized throughout the duration of the exhibition. Demo 13 assumes a material dimension in the form of a CD that can be distributed like a business card to people we meet to introduce Immanence. This CD contains a selection of computer programs (each no more than 40MB), organized into folders. In exchange for producing this CD, Téléférique hopes to inspire greater participation in the collective. This kind of demonstration or encounter is typical for the Téléférique collective which brings their laptops into a private home or a work space, finds a source of electricity, and installs their materials on a table, then plays, demonstrates, and discusses before turning around and leaving. The demonstration is the pres- entation of a computer program. Like a “home studio” where everyone works at home, and in contrast with the cold and anonymous process of downloading something from the internet, the demonstration for Téléférique functions like a space of encounter, a moment of exchange.