Frédéric Vincent
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Le plus grand piano du monde

Exhibition from October 5th to november 2th, 2001.
Artist Goran Vejvoda has lived in Paris since 1985. With diverse musical experiences (rock, contem- porary and classical music) as well as a visual arts practice, he is drawn to varied and eclectic forms
of expression. Bridging the worlds of music, sound, and image, he exploits a sonic and visual vocabu-
lary and establishes no boundaries between different media used in his artistic enterprise : synthetic instruments, records, photographs, videos, etc. Notable among his interdisciplinary works are the records Fruit Cloud (1999) and Harmonie (2000), the sonic creations for Aki Kuroda’s interactive spectacle/installation Cosmo Garden at the Manufacture des Oeillets in 1997 or for Tom Shannon’s Color Atom Field installation at the Galerie des Archives in 1993. Vejvoda has also collaborated on several occasions with Enki Bilal and Angelin Preljocaj.
Le plus grand piano du monde (The World’s Biggest Piano)
A collection of photographic portraits representing the 88 keys of a piano is displayed on all the walls of the gallery. A sound device helps bring the piano to life. Visitors can sit on an ephemeral work entitled Assis sur le son (Sitting on Sound).
Le plus grand piano du monde represents an octave of a piano occupying the entire gallery space, the black and white keys isolated and placed in a box on the wall. It is impossible for a single viewer to play this octave ; it is therefore a collective work, demanding that several participants engage simultaneously. The work recalls the work of artists like John Cage, La Monte Young, and Carstein Nicolai who forged strong ties between music and the visual arts. The work Assis sur le son (Sitting on Sound) consists of several car speakers that form a seat for the visitor.