Frédéric Vincent
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Situation is an event that brings together 35 artists in 22 locations in Paris and its outskirts. This event responds to the diversity of artistic offerings, giving each artist the opportunity to present his or her work in a particular space. Inspired by the Chambres d’amis (Guest Rooms) exhibition in Ghent, curated by Jan Hoet, our exhibition offers the public the opportunity to encounter works of art in sites as diverse as an art gallery, a museum garden, apartments, studios, the street...
Artists staged their interventions in artist studios (Anne Abou, Cannelle Tanc), in a maid’s room (Pierre Auboiron), in a museum garden (Alice Anderson, Cécile Le Prado), in the street (Cendrillon Bélanger, Anri Sala), at a university (Jacky Chriqui), in an art gallery (Isabelle Waternaux, Frédéric Clavère, Olivier Mériel, Olivier Blanckart), in an amphitheater (Philippe Charles, Arnaud Gauthier, Yann Toma, Frédéric Vincent, François Durif, Jaume fargas I coll, Augustin Gimel, Jakob Gautel,
Jason Karaindros, Christelle Lheureux, Florence Lazar, Joséphine Martin), in an independent exhibition space (Frédéric Vincent, Edward Lévé, Basserode, Goran Vejvoda), at Immanence (Olivier Nerry, Michel Tabanou), in private apartments (Isabelle Tournoud, Virginie Delannoy, Serge Lhermitte), in a truck (Alaskaway), and in a private courtyard (Lucy Orta, Nadine Rovidati).

picture : anri sala