Frédéric Vincent
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Rêves reconstitués

Rêves reconstitués
Edouard Levé’s Solo show.
From June 6th to July 6th, 2000.

For this first solo show of the french artist, photographer and writer, Edouard Levé, I choose with him 6 photographies of the serie call "rêves reconstitués". (reconstituted dreams).
Immanence presents the first monographic exhibition of emerging artist Edouard Levé, featuring six photographs from the series of « reconstituted dreams. »
Edouard Levé chooses some of his dreams and reconstitutes them photographically with real people and the objects that appeared in his dreams, in an attempt to be as faithful as possible to his memory (plot, color, light, framing, scenery).
These stagings force the models to replay moments that existed only virtually in the photographer’s sleep. They thus become duplicates of themselves, actors of their own roles.
This series falls in line with Edouard Levé’s exploration of the double in his work since 1998. His previous series, “homonym portraits,” presented the faces of people who share the same name as artists and writers that influenced the artist at some stage in his life.