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Ouverture de Immanence

Ouverture de Immanence
Immanence was inaugurated January 25, 2000. Our first exhibition was presented in the form of a raffle. All of the works presented could be won in exchange for subscribing to the association created by J.M. Albérola, which combined well-known artists with more emerging artists.
The exhibition was opened from january 25th to february 27th, 2000.
The artists exhibited was :
Anne Abou, Olivier Agid, Jean-Michel Alberola, Ruth Barabash, Basserode, Cendrillon Bélanger, Valèrie Belin, Christian Boltanski, François Bouillon, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Corinne Chaufour, Jacky Chriqui, Aymée Darblay, Boris Deltchev, Elzevir, Florian Gerbaud, Paul-Armand Gette, Augustin Gimel, Christophe Gonnet, Hervé Ingrand, Gisèle Jacquemet, Claire-jeanne Jézéquel, Régine Kolle, Suzanne Lafont, Iris Levasseur, Jérome Mayer & Aymeric Reumaux, Laurent Montaron, Jean_Luc Moulène, Yves Oppenheim, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Agnès Pétri, Bernard Piffaretti, Jean-Pierre Ruel, Cannelle Tanc, Patrick Tosani, Virginie Trastour, Françoise Vergier, Frédéric Vincent, Annick Volle, Isabelle Waternaux.